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Transaction Report Terminology

  • Totals
    • Average Sale: The total sales divided by the number of orders. Returns are not included in the calculation.
    • Net Product Sales: This is the total of product sales minus refunds.
    • Net Mark Up: Mark Up amount after deductions
    • Total Shipping: Shipping amount after deductions
    • Total Tax: Tax amount after deductions
    • Total Refunds: This is the total dollar amount of the refunds (refunded product sales + shipping + taxes) and total number of orders refunded
    • Total Voids: Total dollar amount of voids and number of transactions 
    • Total Sales: $ total (Product + Shipping + Commission + Tax – Refunds/Voids)
  • Payment Status Terminology 
    • Draft: Is a status that transactions have until they hit the processor
    • Voided: An order that has been voided will have “Voided” as a status. A voided transaction is a transaction that is canceled before it settles through a consumer’s debit or credit card account. When a transaction is voided, it shows up as a pending transaction on the customer’s account for a short period of time, while the process is being completed
    • Pending: Payment has been submitted, but the pharmacy has not processed the order
    • Paid: Once an item has been paid it will have a “Paid” status
    • Refunded: If there is a “Sale” Transaction Type then Payment Status is “Paid” but if then a “Refund” is committed this status will now change from “Paid” to “Refunded” 
    • Refund: “Refund” is a “Payment Status” that appears on “Refund” Transaction Types 
Updated on October 15, 2020

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